Tom Brady: Ready for Payback, Bro!

Tom Brady has waited a long time for another shot at Sherman

Tom Brady has waited a long time for another shot at Sherman

13 years ago, Tom Brady lifted up his first Lombardi Trophy in New Orleans. Now he’s gunning for his fourth Super Bowl win in six appearances and the defending Super Bowl champs are standing firmly in his way. Seattle’s defense is a well-oiled machine that takes no prisoners on the field.

However, the Legion on Boom exposed some cracks in the armor two weeks ago against a hobbled Aaron Rodgers when they got clobbered in the first half and clawed out a very unlikely overtime win against the Packers.

The Seattle versus New England game should be a very close and entertaining matchup. A fact that has almost been lost in the shuffle with all of the foolish ramblings about “IdiotGate” and Marshawn Lynch’s disdain for the media.

There are many story lines to focus on, but one of the most important is the mountain-sized CHIP on Tom Brady’s shoulder. He’s more motivated for this game than any other during his storied career for several reasons.

  • FOUR SUPER BOWL RINGS – There is no greater motivator for any quarterback in the game than getting on the short list with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw.
  • More than any defender in the game, Brady can actually feel father time closing in on him. He’s 37-years-old and his time is definitely running out.
  • You Mad, Bro? Damn right he’s mad. Brady never goes a full day without remembering being called out by the cheery defender named Richey Sherman. I have always wondered if Sherman’s taunt would come back to haunt him, today we will find out.
  • Deflate Gate – Just another motivator for a quarterback who has already played in five Super Bowls and is hell-bent on adding his 4th ring.

Lynch’s Apathy Exposes Cracks in Modern Journalism

Lynch won't play ball with the media and it's driving them over the edge

Lynch won’t play ball with the media and it’s driving them over the edge

I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

“You know why I’m here.”

Those fairly innocuous quotes from Marshawn Lynch have the national media crying foul over the grave injustices that are being heaped upon them by the diabolical Seattle running back.

This is the same media that has long been guilty of showing disrespect and spitting venom at all those who dare to disagree with them. These “journalists” can really dish it out, but it’s obvious that they can’t take it.

This has produced a journalistic subculture of bullies who are always waiting to spring the next nasty question that triggers a negative or inflammatory response.

The fact that Marshawn Lynch has decided to stand up to them, has understandably set off a media firestorm. How dare someone ignore ignorant or petulant questions because they are finally fed up.

These are the same reporters who droned on about “Deflategate” so often that sports fans had to shut off their televisions and radios for a full week before they could actually hear about the game again.

Yes, Lynch makes millions of dollars and is expected to deal with the simple-minded questions. But the fact that he doesn’t answer them the way the bullies actually want to is actually quite entertaining.

Lynch is a phenomenal player, but is he really that interesting? Even when he did speak this week, it barely got any play at all:

“So y’all can go make up whatever y’all want to make up because I don’t say enough for y’all to go and put anything out on me.”

The fact that Lynch has become the focal point of the Super Bowl because he won’t play ball with the media circus is sheer comedy. I’m not a Seattle fan, but wouldn’t it be great theater if Lynch won the Super Bowl MVP? Imagine the non-answers the poor media would have to endure. You don’t have to like Lynch at all, but it’s refreshing to see someone who can so easily frustrate the minions that make up the revered 4th estate.

10 Things Cooler than DeflateGate

Stay Classy LeGarrette

Stay Classy LeGarrette

By John Adams

LeGarrette Blount could sucker punch another player from a team based in the Pacific Northwest  

Richard Sherman may go Rick Grimes and bite a female reporter instead of screaming at her during a post game interview

Jeremy Lane could require skin grafts after getting torched by Rob Gronkowski

Aaron Hernandez will watch the Super Bowl with the “Sisters Gang” from Shawshank

Richard Sherman will sip a nice juicy Adderall cocktail during warmups

Bill Belichick will finally show off his Gisele Bundchen tattoo

Belichick will implicate Brady regarding the circumstances around his Gisele tattoo

The Patriots could have played with deflated ping pong balls and beaten the Colts by 30

Ravens coach John Harbaugh will sing “Tears on my Pillow” during halftime with Katy Perry

LeGarrette Blunt – Smoking blunts, getting Le’Veon Bell busted and busting out for the Patriots


Super Bowl XLIX Should be One to Remember

Super Bowl XLIX has all the makings for a classic

Super Bowl XLIX has all the makings for a classic

By Connor O’Halloran

Say what you want about Deflate-Gate or Seattle needing the stars to align for their overtime victory against Green Bay, because the two best teams in the NFL are playing in the Superbowl and it should be one hell of a game. It really is a match-up between the Unstoppable Force meets the Immovable Object. New England has been on a role since their sluggish 2-2 start and Seattle hasn’t lost a game since Week 10.

There are tons of juicy match-ups and story lines to talk about so let’s take a deeper look into what will decide this game and who might come out on top.

New England has been the most dominant team in the NFL since the turn of the century and Tom Brady will be looking for his fourth ring in six appearances. He will have to knock off the defending champs and the new kid on the block, Russell Wilson. Wilson is 10-0 against Superbowl winning quarterbacks and is starting to become the “New Tom Brady”. Brady will be facing one of the best defenses in recent history and Wilson will have to create success against a Belichick defense that will do everything in their power to eliminate the ground game from both Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

The X Factor in this game is Rob Gronkowski. Both teams have Superbowl-Winning quarterbacks, excellent defenses, power running games and reliable kickers, but there is only one Gronk. Seattle has had a history of shutting down premier tight ends, but Antonio Gates burned them for three touchdowns earlier this season and Gates is no Gronk. Gronk is a nightmare for opposing defenses and will get some one-on-one opportunities if New England can find some success on the ground.

Seattle’s formula all year has been to pound the rock with Beast Mode and let Wilson make some plays with his feet on play action. New England’s game plan will be to eliminate Beast Mode, prevent Wilson from making big plays on the ground and force Wilson to beat New England with his arm from the pocket. New England has the talent to make this happen but Beast Mode has made a living of making big plays and Wilson only needs one big play to light up the scoreboard.

The main advantages I see are Gronk and Belichick for New England and Seattle’s All-World safeties of Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas for Seattle. I see a really low scoring game for roughly three quarters and then a few late touchdowns for both teams. I see New England winning this one on a late field goal.

It should be a great game, February 1st can’t come soon enough.


Tentative Play Ultimately Dooms the Packers

Packers did not play to win, they played NOT to lose

The Packers did not play to win, they played NOT to lose

There’s plenty of conjecture as to why the Seahawks were able to come back from a 16-point deficit, but the answer really is NOT so terribly complicated. The Packers 16-point lead should have been much been at least a 20-point lead and Pete Carroll had halftime to correct what was going so terribly wrong.

All Seattle had to do was score one touchdown (which they did) and they were right back in the game.

Green Bay squandered two goal line changes at the beginning of the game and settled for field goals and a lead of 6-0 instead of a 10 or 14 to zip lead. The bottom line is, Green Bay didn’t play to win, they played NOT to lose and it cost them a trip to the Super Bowl.

Despite the loss, this game won’t be the down fall for the Green Bay Packers. As long as the great Aaron Rodgers is healthy and the team can keep most of their weapons – the Packers should have no problem being Super Bowl contenders yet again next season.

Aaron Rodgers would like to play for 10 more years, but that’s not as simple as it seems – just ask Brett Favre. None-the-less, Rodgers has at least 5 to 7 more years in his prime, seeing that he is only 31 years old. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are Rodger’s favorite weapons in his repertoire. Nelson is a non-issue this off-season as he signed a 4-year contract extension during the early days of last training camp. The main priority for the Pack will be to sign Nelson’s running mate Randall Cobb.

It will be interesting to see how much cash the Packers will divvy up to Randall Cobb, because you can bet Cobb and his agent will use Nelson’s contract as a measuring stick. Like Aaron Rogers once said, “R-E-L-A-X.” Just because the Packers lost the NFC championship game brutally to the Seattle Seahawks, doesn’t mean that the franchise will take a nose dive into the ground.

The Packers will always be in playoff contention as long as Rodgers is at the wheel. We can also note that Green Bay shouldn’t need any motivation for next season after their NFC Championship Game breakdown.


Seattle Ready to Put Green Bay on Ice

The Seahawks want to prove that defense wins championships

The Seahawks want to prove that defense still wins championships

By Connor O’Halloran

It’s Championship Game weekend and the NFC match-up has all the ingredients you could ask for as an NFL fan. Seattle and its #1 ranked defense will host Green Bay’s #1 ranked offense. it’s a rematch of the Week 1 contest that ended up as a 36-16 win for Seattle. Many things have changed since then, so let’s take a look at the keys to the game and predict who should come out on top.

What’s changed since Week 1? On Seattle’s side, not much at all. The Legion of Boom is better than ever and Russell Wilson keeps making big plays when his team needs him the most. The only weakness in their game is the fact that they don’t have a wide receiver or tight end who “scares” opposing defenses.

Green Bay has changed for the better. Eddie Lacy has hit his stride and has been averaging almost 100 yard per game on the ground since Week 12. Lacy was not existent in Week 1 where he only had 12 carries for 34 yards and left the game early with a concussion.

Rookie wide receiver Devante Adams has emerged as a legitimate #3 option in the passing game which will help since Seattle does not have much depth in their secondary. All these positive changes are great for Green Bay but their team MVP and likely NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers won’t be playing at full strength as he continues to be bothered with a calf injury he suffered in Week 17.

While Rodgers and the Packers made enough plays to win on Sunday, Seattle’s defense has made a habit of completely shutting down the best offenses the NFL has to offer. Rodgers made some great plays against the Cowboys but he never really escaped from the pocket and made a big play down the field that he seems to make every other week. Given Rodgers health and Green Bay’s sub-par defense, I don’t see this game being close.

Green Bay will hopefully keep things close in the first half, but if Seattle can establish a run game, Russell Wilson will be able to make big plays with his arm and legs on play action passes and if Green Bay has even one turnover, things could get ugly. Even with Rodgers being fully healthy I still think Seattle would win this game by a touchdown but without Rodgers being able to extend plays with his legs, I see Seattle looking to repeat against either the Colts on Patriots on February 1st.


Seahawks, 49ers Ready to Rumble in Seattle

There is no lost love between these division rivals

There is no lost love between these division rivals

There is NO love lost between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawaks as these two heated division rivals prepare for battle in this weekend’s NFC Championship Game. Sure, Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh used to be the gold standard for vitriol and pure hatred in the NFL, but you’d be kidding yourself if you didn’t think the Seahawks and 49ers is the best (and ugliest) rivalry in the NFL. These two teams are so similar in style and quality, that whomever makes it out alive, will have unquestionably earned their ticket to the Super Bowl.

Who has the edge?

Although Seattle has only played one playoff game to San Francisco’s two, it’s still clear that the 49ers have been the stronger team for the last month or so. They finished the regular season with six consecutive victories and then impressed on the road in the first two rounds of the playoffs on the road against Green Bay and Carolina. While Seattle earned the right to have a first-round bye and two home games in the postseason, there’s no denying they’ve been skittish of late. They lost to Arizona in Week 16 at home, even though Carson Palmer through 4 INT’s. And last week against New Orleans, the Seahawks defense shut down Drew Brees and company for most of the game, only for the Saints to have a chance to tie late in the 4th quarter.

Given that fact, we still know the narrative surrounding Russell Wilson’s bunch at Century Link Field – they’re tough to beat. It’s loud, hostile, and apart from that dud against the Cardinals, Seattle is lights out when they play at home. Furthermore, they have owned the 49ers the past few seasons when they play with the help of the 12th man. Earlier this season in Seattle (Week 2), the Seahawks annihilated Colin Kaepernick’s bunch 29-3, despite Wilson only completing 8 passes. Much of that had to do with Kaepernick’s 3 INT’s, but it was equally due to Seattle establishing their dominant run game and defense early and often.

And it will be Marshawn Lynch and the best secondary in the NFL that the Seahawks will have to rely upon to beat the monster the 49ers have become. A lot has been made of Wilson’s inability to put the team on his back recently, relegated to the dreaded “game manager.” While there is credence to Wilson’s struggles, that isn’t to say he won’t come out and play like one of the best QB’s in the league and vault the Seahawks into the Super Bowl. He may have to, given how equally matched the two defenses are.

This matchup may come down to which quarterback makes more plays in the end. If the defenses and running games essentially cancel each other out, will it be Wilson or Kaepernick that steps up in the big moment? It could be argued that Wilson’s job will be slightly tougher; his weapons aren’t as explosive as Kaepernick’s. And Percy Harvin has officially been ruled out with a concussion after finally making it back last week against New Orleans.

Can Wilson do what he did in last year’s divisional round playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons? Seattle looked down and out for most of the game, but Wilson led the Seahawks as they stormed back to take the lead with under two minutes, only to have Matt Ryan and his offense squeak out a late field goal to advance. If Wilson elevates his play above game manager-level, Seattle will be tough to beat.

However, we don’t really know if he’s capable of that right now. His confidence looks shaken, and the 49ers bring a rugged attitude and the best linebackers in the game to Seattle.

This game is going to be an absolute war. These two teams genuinely hate each other, and they had a knock-down, drag-out cage match in Week 14 at Candlestick that ended in a 19-17 victory for the 49ers. I give the slight edge to San Francisco. They are playing with a great confidence about them, and they might be one of the only teams that can still play their own game in front of Seattle’s crowd. Look for Kaepernick to make a play with his legs late in the 4th quarter that will propel his team to its second straight Super Bowl.


Percy Harvin Ruled Out Against Niners

Injury woes persist for Percy Harvin

Injury woes persist for Percy Harvin

Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin has been ruled out of this weekend’s NFL Championship Game against the 49ers. Due to a lingering hip injury, Harvin hasn’t been much of a factor for the Seahawks offense this season and after sustaining a concussion last weekend, he will not suit up against the Niners.

Harvin played in Seattle’s divisional playoff victory last weekend against the New Orleans Saints and took two substantial hits that caused the receiver to sustain a concussion.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll says Harvin was never close to returning to the practice field. The Seahawks passing offense has been stagnant lately and Harvin’s presence would have provided a spark for Russell Wilson, but they will have to press on without him.


Hawks Percy Harvin Hopeful for Playoffs

Harvin hopeful for the playoffs

Harvin hopeful for the playoffs

It was just about a week ago that Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said that the Seahawks might have to make a roster move sending Percy Harvin to season-ending injured reserve. Harvin returned from hip surgery on November 17th to play his only game of the season against his former Minnesota Vikings. The next few weeks weren’t so good for the 5th year receiver, and after missing the next four games, it looked like it was time to pull the plug on Percy.

However, with 2014 (and a playoff run) closing in, things might be taking a turn for the Seattle Seahawks and their essentially unused weapon. Harvin has been practicing this week as his team prepares for their first playoff game on January 11th, after a first round bye. Still dealing with a lingering hip problem, Harvin has been giving it a go in practice in hopes for a return. Pete Carroll said the young and dynamic receiver would do anything to play and is finally at a place where he has a chance.

Taking things a step further yet, Harvin apparently had an “amazing” workout with quarterback, Russell Wilson, on Monday. This was the deciding factor not to put Harvin on I.R. and to keep options open for the playoffs. After his throwing session, Harvin went on to tweet “go time once again.”

If it does prove to be “go time” for Harvin, the NFC had better look out. The Seahawks have proven themselves extremely dangerous on both sides of the ball, even without a multi-faceted threat like Harvin. The 25 year old out of Florida has proven himself both as a receiver and return man in four seasons with the Vikings.

He never went a season without 60 catches (until his 1 game 2013 season) and averaged over 10 yards per catch in each season as well. We’ll have to wait and see what happens over Week 18, but it would surely be perfect timing for the Seahawks if Harvin is able to suit up. The ‘Hawks will play the lowest winning seed out of the NFC Wild Card round on January 11th (between the Packers, 49ers, Eagles and Saints). In case you need a reminder, it is clearly PLAYOFF TIME IN THE NFL!


Usual Fantasy Stars Struggle During Week 16

Johnson fell apart when his team and fantasy owners needed him the most

Johnson fell apart when his team and fantasy owners needed him the most

Many, if not all, fantasy leagues played their championship weekend during Week 16, and unfortunately for owners of Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch and the Kansas City defense, your fantasy team may have stumbled in the most important fantasy week of the season. While injuries may have been the reason for some of the production drop, some teams were just outplayed during Week 16.

The Detroit Lions took on the struggling New York Giants Sunday, and the league’s best receiver left many fantasy owners scratching their heads. It appears that a long season finally caught up to Calvin Johnson, and injuries that he has played through in the past were just too limiting. The Giants held a significantly less than 100 percent Megatron to a meager three receptions for 43 yards and zero scores. Head Coach Jim Schwartz said after the game that Megatron was limited due to both a knee and ankle injury and that was used sparingly in the team’s overtime loss to the Giants. Fantasy owners need to watch Megatron’s injury status carefully over the next week, especially if your championship round consists of two weeks.

Unfortunately for the Seattle Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch and his fantasy owners, no injuries could be blamed for his weak performance Sunday against a driven Arizona Cardinals football team. Lynch was held to under 75 rushing yards for the fifth straight week. The Arizona Cardinals defense honed in on the star running back and limited him to an average of just 3.9 yards per carry. While the Cardinals have had one of the top rushing defenses in the league this season, the usually dominant Seattle Seahawks struggled to get their offense going in the team’s 17-10 loss. Fantasy owners should not worry, as Lynch will face a more inferior rush defense in the St. Louis Rams next week.

One of the biggest surprises of the entire season is the Kansas City Chiefs and their jump from the worst team a year ago to one of the most dominant and electrifying in 2014. The Kansas City defense has been the most consistent components of the Chiefs success this season, and unfortunately for fantasy owners and the Chiefs alike, the defense fell apart Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.  

Much of the problem resided in the offenses’ inability to keep their defense off the field, and that became ever more apparent as they failed to score any points after stud running back Jamaal Charles’ 31-yard touchdown run early in the first quarter. Not to mention the Kansas City defense was only able to sack Andrew Luck once all game. Fantasy owners should expect the Kansas City Chiefs defense to rebound in the final game of the season against the San Diego Chargers, as the Chiefs look to gain momentum as the playoffs begin.