Chiefs Pose Tough Test for Pats

If Maclin sits, the Patriots will likely double up on Travis Kelce

If Jeremy Maclin sits, the Patriots will likely double up on tight end Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs are on an eleven game winning streak and are playing with swagger. The team finished the season 11-5 and shut out the Houston Texans last weekend in the wildcard game 30-0. The Chiefs have enjoyed a great season, but the real test comes when Kansas City travels to New England.

The Chiefs defense is rock solid and could cause some real headaches for Brady and Company. On the other side of the ball, Andy Reid will have to draw up more unique schemes using wide receiver motions, reverse actions, and direct snaps to attack a solid Patriots defense.

Kansas City is also likely to be without the team’s top wideout as Jeremy Maclin is listed as questionable for the game. If Maclin sits, this will allow the Pats to double up on tight end Travis Kelce.

Much has changed since these teams last played each other back in 2014 when the Chiefs beat the Patriots out in Kansas City. Bill Belichick remembers how horrible his Patriots played and is looking for better results this time around .

After starting the season 9-0, the Patriots finished the season 12-4 and lost their last two games to end the season against the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. They managed to clinch a first round bye which was much needed as they were battling injuries with the absence of Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski and Donte Hightower.

Many of these players are slated to return this week which should help the Patriots get things back on track as they attempt to make another Superbowl run.


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