NFL Week 10 Wide Receiver Sit/Start Report

Brandon LaFell is moving to the top of the depth chart in New England

Brandon LaFell is moving to the top of the depth chart in New England

Week 10 is a chance for some fantasy owners to start making a last push for playoff spots. A majority of NFL players have already defined their season as either a breakthrough or a dud. But, there are also some players who are questionable from week to week. Here are a few tips on starting or sitting those wide receivers who keep fantasy owners scratching their heads.

Start – Brandon LaFell:  This week will be LaFell’s fourth week playing and he keeps getting better with each game. If defenses keep their eyes on Gronkowski, Amendola and Edelman, as they should, LaFell should be free for Tom Brady to make a play. He’s averaging 15 yards a reception. This should translate against a New York Giants team that finds a way let opponents drive down the field on them.

Start – Cole Beasley:  Beasley, like the Cowboys, haven’t produced on offense like they should. Mainly due to the loss of QB Tony Romo, Dallas hasn’t had much big plays this season. That seems to have changed with the return of star wideout Dez Bryant. Dez as a threat draws most double teams, which leaves Jason Witten, Terrance Williams, and Beasley open. Beasley’s small size makes him virtually undetectable at times. Last week he pulled in 112 yards and 2 touchdowns against a pretty good Philly defense. He should be a good security blanket for Matt Cassel as they take on Tampa Bay.

Sit – Jeremy Maclin:  This is not the same Maclin that put up more than 1800 yards last season with Philly. Last week against a dismal Detroit, Maclin had 35 yards. That won’t cut it for one of the team’s best weapons. Kansas City doesn’t focus on increasing its receivers stats and neither should fantasy owners.

Sit – James Jones:  Jones was a steal early in the season. Now, he’s been more of a letdown, especially with Davante Adams back in the lineup. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been his best at times, so that could be the reason Jones only had 57 yards last game. Jones is also questionable this week. Green Bay is playing its desperate rival Detroit, so I’d only start Jones as a last resort.

Sit – Ted Ginn:  Carolina is rolling. Ted Ginn Jr is not. Last week, the receiver only had one reception for 20 yards. He’s currently averaging 17 yards per reception, which is great. But, he’s also averaging 2-3 receptions per game. Unless he plans on breaking one of those catches off for a 60+ yard touchdown (which is doubtful), those stats won’t cut it for week 10.

Question Mark – Willie Snead:  In his first year with the Saints, Snead has had flashes of brilliance. But, Drew Brees might be looking to Brandin Cooks as an option over Snead. New Orleans is playing Washington this week. If the Redskins put on the same show they displayed against the Patriots, Snead might be worth a start. It all depends on if you trust Washington’s defense to fail and let Brees run wild like he did against New York.


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