Do NOT Sleep on Brandon LaFell

Make no mistake, Brandon LaFell will provide a spark to any fantasy lineup

Make no mistake, Brandon LaFell will provide a spark to any fantasy lineup

After missing at the first six games with a foot injury, there’s rampant speculation as to when Brandon LaFell may return to the playing field for the New England Patriots. He’s already practicing again and may be the missing piece the Patriots need to put the finishing touches on their juggernaut offense.

As to when the Patriots might activate LaFell, it could be any day now. There is now a 21-day activation clock running and New England could activate LaFell this week against the Jets, Week 8 against the Dolphins or even Week 9 to face the Redskins.

Sitting at 6 and 0, the Patriots don’t have to hurry the receiver back into action. Last season, LaFell tallied 74 receptions for 953 yards and 7 touchdowns. Tom Brady is putting up great numbers and seems to be more dangerous every week. He’s thrown fourteen touchdowns and only one interception through the first six games of the season.

As we said, LaFell is eligible to play this week against the division rival New York Jets. If the coaching staff has made a decision on when to activate him, they are not sharing their thoughts with anyone else. With his return, Brady will have even more passing options, which is a terrifying thought for opposing defensive coordinators. As one of Brady’s most trusted receivers, LaFell is a MUST-ADD in every fantasy format under the sun.


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