Seahawks/49ers: TNF Sit Start Report

Fantasy owners are hoping Lynch can rediscover his "beast mode" against the Niners

Fantasy owners hoping Lynch can rediscover his “beast mode” against the Niners

The Niners and Seahawks are all set for an NFC West showdown this Thursday. Both teams currently sit at 2-4 on the season and are looking to right the ship this week. In order to do that, the teams’ respective best players have to perform well. For some fantasy owners, like San Fran and Seattle, this week is a make or break week for their season. Here are the players that should start and sit for Thursday Night Football.

Start – Marshawn Lynch:  Lynch returned from injury last week managing one touchdown and 54 yards on the ground. Lynch is currently averaging 45 yards per game. That won’t cut it in a real NFL game, let alone for a fantasy team. The 49ers defense is not being helped by its offense in terms of time of possession, so this should help Lynch and the offense wear San Francisco down. Others teams have found a way to blow out the 49ers, why can’t the Seahawks? Lynch isn’t the best bet for this week, but the lack of quality backs available this season is what saves his fantasy value.

Start – Russell Wilson:  Wilson is yearning for a breakout game this season. This two-time NFC Champion already finds himself clawing for a playoff spot in a tough division. If team wins were what counted most in fantasy, the owners would have to steer clear of Russell. But, Wilson is boasting a 98.7 QBR and is averaging 238 yards and at least 1 touchdown per game. He also remains relatively healthy, which might not last long. He should definitely start this week.

Sit – Colin Kaepernick:  Kaep is averaging just over 7 yards per attempt and has 6 touchdowns on the season. Those stats aren’t horrible, but not what you’d expect from a quarterback who has taken his team deep in the playoffs multiple times. Kaep is inconsistent in the same way Matthew Stafford and Andrew Luck have been this season. There are plenty of other QBs, even quality backups, that fantasy owners can start this week rather than take this gamble.

Sit – Carlos Hyde:  Hyde killed it in fantasy week 1, but has fizzled out ever since. It seems that the 49ers just haven’t been using him in the same way as before. Then again, they haven’t been playing the rebuilding Vikings the past 5 weeks like the were in the season opener. The legion of boom is looking to reclaim its status as one of the leagues most revered defenses. With that said, and Hyde nursing a sore foot, don’t look for Carlos to bee too productive this week.


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