Cut Ties with These Fantasy Disasters

Peyton Manning is no longer a fantasy option is any league format

Peyton Manning is a bust and no longer an option in any fantasy format

With Week 6 in the National Football League underway, Fantasy football owners should be ready to part company with players who were once fantasy relevant.

Peyton Manning – Bust:  Although some leagues like ESPN insists on keeping Peyton Manning on the Don’t Drop list, fantasy owners should do their best to either dump or trade the fading quarterback before he inflicts any more damage onto their fantasy team. Manning stumbled against the Ravens during Week 1, bounced back briefly during Week 2 in the second half against the Chiefs and has declined every week since then. He’s thrown 7 picks in 5 games and shows no signs of improving. Denver has plenty of playmakers on offense, however Peyton’s performance has been unacceptable and his fantasy numbers are at an all-time low. His fantasy point productions ranks far outside of the top 20 for QBs and things will only get worse. This takes nothing away from Peyton’s lofty numbers from the past, but he is not an option in any fantasy format for 2015.

CJ Spiller – Dump/Trade:  Running back CJ Spiller of the New Orleans Saints is definitely on the dump or trade list. Spiller battled injuries early in the season, but getting healthy did nothing to help his fantasy production. He seems completely lost on a Saints team that has no interest in plugging him into the mix. With the exception of a miracle catch and run in overtime against the Cowboys, he has been completely useless. The Saints are not playing him and he produces nothing when he’s on the field. There is no reason told hold onto him in his current role.

Roddy White – Dump/Trade:  Wide Receiver Roddy White has been all over the drop list. Since a decent Week 1 performance when he caught 4 balls for 84 yards, he’s been firmly supplanted by Leonard Hankerson. White just can’t get open, so he is used primarily as a decoy. His only use will come if Hankerson or Julio Jones have to miss time due to injury.


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