Texans/Colts: TNF Sit Start Report

Arian Foster is primed to make a big splash on Thursday night at home in Houston

Arian Foster is primed to make a big splash on Thursday night at home in Houston

How the mighty have fallen this Thursday as the once mighty Indianapolis Colts take on the even worse off Houston Texans. Houston has lacked the passion its coach, Bill O’Brien, preached during training camp. The Colts seem to be a team without an identity these past few weeks. What that means for fantasy owners is that they should be mindful of who they place their bets on this week.

Start – Arian Foster:  Arian Foster-Foster came back last week from groin surgery which sidelined him earlier this season. After being limited on Sunday, the coaching staff is expected to let Foster shoulder most on the load tonight against the Colts. The Texans running back should be a strong start this week with the QB situation in Houston on the fritz. Look for Foster to knock the rust off this week, getting the majority of the touches for the injured Texans offense.

Start – Donte Moncrief:  The young receiver already has 275 yards and 3 touchdowns though four games this season. He will be the main beneficiary if Andrew Luck returns this week. Moncrief has already developed a strong rapport with Luck and his numbers are consistent unlike a lot of other players in this matchup. Look for Moncrief to continue his progress and take advantage of Houston’s secondary as Luck tries to right the ship.

Sit – Andrew Luck:  Luck will most likely play this week after missing the last game with an injury. But, the Andrew Luck the gunslinger might not return as well. Luck has looked lost these past few weeks and seems to lack confidence. If Luck is going to right the ship any time soon, his best chance will be against a shaky Texans pass defense. However, his numbers this week make him a risky start.

Sit – Frank Gore:  No. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. Gore has had an okay season averaging 4.2 yards per carry. The problem is the best way to beat the Texans is in the air against their corners rather than on the ground against the leagues best defensive player, JJ Watt. There are plenty of backs around the league with much better match ups this week.

Wildcard – Andre Johnson:  This is more of a maybe rather than a yes. By all accounts, Andre Johnson has lost a step since joining the Colts offense. But is ever there were a game for a bounce back, playing against a former team is always a great motivator. There’s no questioning the veteran receiver’s heart, but he’s slowed down quite a bit and his quarterback is really struggling.


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