No Fantasy Love for Arizona Running Backs

David Johnson is bursting with talent, but still playing behind Chris Johnson

David Johnson is bursting with talent, but still playing behind Chris Johnson

As Andre Ellington struggles with his injury issues, the Arizona Cardinals have some decisions to make at the running back position. Even though Chris Johnson and David Johnson are waiting in the wings, expect Arizona to rely more heavily on its passing game with its starter missing in action. This past Sunday, Arizona’s offense shined against Chicago, so the team should hold over until Ellington returns.

However, the Cardinals will have to answer the question of who gets the permanent starting position once Ellington recovers. Ellington is known for his lingering injuries and could miss more games than expected. Arizona has good depth at the running back spot this year, which means more than one player is vying for the role.

Chris Johnson seems to have a new lease on life after narrowly escaping death in the offseason when he was involved in a shooting that left him injured and a friend of his dead. The eight-year veteran is well regarded for his record-setting performances early on in his career, but his production has fizzled in the past few years. Arizona is hoping that he can show flashes of his former self in the coming season. On Sunday, he rushed for 72 yards against the Chicago Bears.

Another Johnson on the Cardinals squad, David Johnson is set to make an impact in the immediate future. Arizona Coach Bruce Arians believes that David will have an increase in the number of carries he is given. It seems to be that every time he gets the ball, he scores, as evident by the 55-yard touchdown catch he pulled off against the New Orleans Saints on opening weekend. The third round pick from Northern Iowa has made a name for himself, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. He rushed for 42 yards on five attempts against the Bears, and recorded a 108-yard kickoff return. David has many talents that should propel his stock even higher as the weeks go on.

Look for Chris to keep the starting position. He’s a trusted veteran who understands situations. But, David takes advantage of his opportunities and should have a breakout season.


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