NFL Running Back Handcuff Breakdown

Given Jamaal Charles recent injury history, Davis may be worth a stash

Given Jamaal Charles and his recent injury history, Davis may be worth a stash

Drafting HB Handcuffs is essentially gambling; one has to have incredible foresight and luck to correctly predict those who will immediately spring from the waiver wires to starting lineups. Today we explore three backs in particular: Knile Davis, Matt Jones, and Roy Helu.  – ADP rankings powered by

Roy Helu (ADP: RB #64)

Of the three previously mentioned backs, Helu has the most upside, simply because Latavius Murray’s situation is extremely ambiguous. Unlike Alfred Morris, and Jamaal Charles, Murray’s hold on the majority of carries is extremely suspect. Knile Davis and Matt Jones will only become relevant through injury, where Helu has multiple opportunities to break into a starting role, either by injury or poor performance. Helu has size (6 foot) and speed (4.4) to be a feature back; he may just need an opportunity.

Knile Davis (ADP: RB #52)

Davis over the past few years has started for the Kansas Chiefs as a result of various Jamaal Charles injuries, and in all those situations he has performed very well. Nevertheless, Jamaal Charles is still going to be the feature back, and the only way Davis will truly become relevant is through injury. There’s no debating that over the past few years, Charles has dealt with injury issues and as he he ages, it will become increasingly difficult for him remain on the field. If something were to happen to Charles, Davis would immediately be catapulted into a cow-bell type role, drastically increasing his value. There are a lot of what-ifs in this scenario, but for the right draft pick, Davis could be worth the investment.

Matt Jones: (ADP: RB #60)

I am not a huge fan of Matt Jones this year, mostly because he is a rookie, with less than impressive athleticism, and he sits behind Alfred Morris who hasn’t missed a game in multiple years. The only way that Matt Jones will receive significant carries is through a Morris injury, but we’ve just never seen Morris succumb to that. Morris has shown an amazing ability to stay healthy year after year, and because of this, grabbing Jones isn’t worth the investment. The probability of Jones being worth a roster spot is very low, and one can find more production or a higher ceiling elsewhere.


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