Can C.J. Spiller Cash in Down in Cajun Country?

C.J. Spiller has never been in a better situation for NFL success

C.J. Spiller has never been in a better situation for NFL success, but can he stay healthy?

While C.J. Spiller is still on the mend from his arthroscopic knee surgery, fantasy football owners are wondering whether or not they should kick the tires on this 28-year-old running back. Signing with the Saints could completely turn around Spiller’s NFL legacy, but only if he can stay healthy enough to make that happen. Ever since the Saints lost Darren Sproles, Sean Payton has longed for a game-breaker like Spiller to reignite the team’s ground game.

This is truly the perfect situation for Spiller because of Payton’s play calling, but wise fantasy owners are having a hard time weighing the risks. Spiller is only three years removed from a season in which he averaged six yards per carry and had eight total touchdowns. Known for his world-class speed, the Clemson product can torch any open field defender. Unfortunately for Spiller, his talents did not match the “between the tackle” game plan of the Bills. After suffering a season-ending broken collarbone in 2014, Spiller packed up and took his talents to Louisiana.

Spiller landed in the right place for a back of his talents. Sean Payton and the Saints love having a satellite back: essentially a player that can be put wherever on the field, in open space, and they’ll make a play. Players that have benefitted under this playbook in the past include, Reggie Bush, Darren Sproles, and Pierre Thomas. If healthy, there is no reason why Spiller couldn’t produce within this system.

There is certainly an element of risk with drafting Spiller, but the reward can be monumental. Spiller finds himself in the most optimal scenario leaving Buffalo for New Orleans. When Spiller gets his touches in the new offense, he’ll make the most of them. Welcome to your new home C.J.


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