Running Back Potential: Rashad Jennings or Alfred Blue?

Despite an arsenal of talented receivers, Tom Couglin loves to run the ball

Despite an arsenal of talented receivers, Tom Coughlin loves to run the ball

There is a fair amount of uncertainty surrounding the running back potential of Rashad Jennings and Alfred Blue, but there’s no denying that each player has a certain amount of “sleeper” appeal. Both backs are slated to play in a running back by committee format in their respective organizations.

Blue’s hold on the starting job in Houston is tenuous with Chris Polk and Jonathan Grimes vying for the position. For Jennings, he’s going to be sharing time with Andre Williams and Shane Vereen, who will be in position to take the majority of passing downs.

Even with the ambiguity, one of these players has fantasy sleeper pick written all over him. ESPN lists Blue’s ADP at 38 and Jennings ADP at 27 and there’s a large body of evidence to support drafting Jennings over Blue.

Jennings has a superior YPC with 3.8 to Blue’s 3.1, but more importantly, Jennings is in a better situation in playing for the Giants. Ambiguity aside, Jennings has a better window to be the starter for the entire season. The Giants tout two all-star WR’s, an improving offensive line, and Eli Manning, who has the potential to deliver a stellar year. There will be far less focus on Jennings from defensive coordinators who will be more than preoccupied with likes of that Odell Beckham Jr. guy, and Victor Cruz.

The bottom line is that the Giants should field a top-tier offense this season, while the Texans offense will struggle all season long looking for any type on chemistry or identity.


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