Lesser of Two Evils: Carson Palmer or Sam Bradford?

Carson Palmer is always one play away a season ending injury

Carson Palmer, Sam Bradford: Always one play away a season ending injury

Carson Palmer or Sam Bradford? You definitely don’t want these two as your starting quarterback on a weekly basis. However, in a 2-QB league or as a weekly flier, there could be lesser options. The only problem is that both players are always flirting with season ending injuries.

At age 35, Palmer is still the same ole gunslinger from when he entered the league in 2004. The Cardinals ranked top-10 in passing yards when Palmer was healthy last season. Granted, Palmer wasn’t healthy often; he missed the first quarter of the season due to a shoulder injury and exited the year for good after a torn ACL.

Yet, there is no denying Palmer’s production when he is on the field in Bruce Arians’ offense. In 2014, Palmer’s stats through six games: 271 passing yards per contest, 11 touchdowns, and just three interceptions. The most important stat, however, was the 6-0 record he compiled in games where he started under center.

On the other side of the ring lies Bradford who is 18-30-1 in 49 career games as a starter. Bradford, who is also far too familiar with ACL tears, struggled while on the field, never posting above a 53% QBR in a season. Look for that number to rise as Bradford becomes a product of a system. Under Chip Kelly, Eagles’ quarterbacks average 18 points per game.

So far in Eagles camp, it’s been all great news as Bradford has stayed healthy and looked sharp. Some players are even trying their luck at comparisons.

“You’d have to compare the release to somebody like Aaron Rodgers’ release,” left tackle Jason Peters told Bob Grotz of DelcoTimes.com “The quickness. The decisiveness. That’s what I see.”

Comparing Bradford to an NFL champion and former MVP is certainly bold. Practice reps in August are also different from the game time environment come September. Nonetheless, the high praise does bode well for Bradford and the Eagles moving forward.

Ultimately, Palmer is the quarterback to choose in this signal-caller matchup. Albeit eight years older, Palmer’s resume boasts that he can lead a team to success. It’d be shocking if one or both of these players played all 16 contests. However, when Palmer and Bradford are on the field for their respective teams, look for both of these players to prove why they were once Heisman winners and selected No. 1 overall.


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