Fantasy Football Drafting 101: Break Away From the Pack

Abandon the herd, be flexible and stick to your drafting strategy

Abandon the herd, be flexible and stick to your drafting strategy

If you ever want to witness the phenomenon of the herd mentality, all you have to do is participate in a fantasy football draft. Just like the stock market, fantasy drafting is undeniably one of the most poignant examples of human herding behavior.

We have all experienced it and every one of us has been caught up in it at one time or another. A run starts on a certain player position and the floodgates open wide.

For example, drafters start scooping up running backs and suddenly the whole league is swept away in the frenzy. Forget the fact that you are bypassing Dez Bryant or Rob Gronkowski, you MUST HAVE A RUNNING BACK!! The fear of never drafting a running back again grips you. These people are crazy, they are taking all the backs – I must have one before they steal them all.

OK, Stop – Deep Breaths – Breathe with me

You still have 60 seconds, the top five running backs are gone and that’s ok. You wanted Antonio Brown, you still want Antonio Brown and you don’t have to draft a running back this moment. There’s no reason to go off the rails. A draft is a living, breathing activity and no two drafts are the same. You have to be somewhat flexible, but your job is to take the best player off of the board when it’s your turn.

Not the best wide receiver

Not the best quarterback, but

The best player on the board

If you left Jordy Nelson on the board so you could take Justin Forsett during the running back frenzy, you just self-sabotaged your fantasy team and your draft.

Have a strategy going into your draft, but keep your eye on the ball and be ready to adapt and adjust. There are a variety of ways to win a fantasy football championship, but a good draft builds a foundation for future success. You have to stack your team with the best “fantasy point” players to carry your team when you are faced with suspensions, injuries and bad coaching decisions.

Remember to breathe – Have an amazing season and Good Luck!



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