A.J. McCarron Sparking Preseason Heat


A.J. McCarron is unlikely to get his shot during the upcoming regular season

The Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff and players are putting a lot of confidence in their second string quarterback, AJ McCarron. The second year Alabama product has been putting a lot of time and work into his arm and players are taking notice. McCarron is having a phenomenal preseason, but the real question is whether or not he can push Andy Dalton during the regular season?

During the past couple of seasons, there have been questions about Dalton’s performance. Even though he’s led the Bengals to four straight playoff appearances, Dalton continues to come up short in the post season. Cincinnati has done a great job surrounding Dalton with talented players, but the team has little to show for it.

This doesn’t mean that McCarron has any real shot of taking Dalton’s job this season. He’s coming off three straight 10-win seasons and has never missed a game. Dalton would have to either go down in absolute flames or suffer an injury to give McCarron a shot this season.

The second year quarterback has some sleeper potential, but is much more likely to ride the pine behind Dalton unless he’s mopping up at the end of a blowout.



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