Is Josh McCown the Answer in Cleveland?

The Browns seem focussed on starting Josh McGown

For now, the Browns are pinning their hopes on quarterback Josh McCown

Josh McCown seems to have found himself a new home in Cleveland after losing 10 of 11 games as a starter last season in Tampa Bay. Fortunately for McCown, he’s the only viable option the Browns have and will be a starting quarterback again heading into the 2015 season.

Wait, what about Money Manziel? So far, Manziel hasn’t exactly panned out as an NFL quarterback as quickly as many have hoped. He’s struggled mightily in the few games he did play completing just 18 passes for 175 yards with two interceptions and a fumble. Manziel ended the season with an injury, checked himself into rehab and still is getting involved with soap opera drama outside of football. Bottom line, he’s not ready to be a NFL quarterback.

This leads to McCown’s greatest role on the Brown’s roster. No, not the starting QB job, but hopefully for the fans in Cleveland, someone who can mentor to Manziel. “With Josh McCown, it’s more like a big brother type,” Browns CB Joe Haden told ESPN reporter Pat McManamon. “I’m going to be more of a mentor, try to get you right”.

That’s where McCown’s greatest potential lies: as a mentor to Manziel. McCown is simply a middleman to Manziel or whatever other starting quarterback will take the helm. For now, the only option the Browns have is McCown, but he is not to be considered for any fantasy rosters unless you are playing in a two QB format.

McCown’s fantasy upside is most certainly capped. Matter of fact, every player on the Brown’s roster has a limit on their fantasy potential. As a fantasy owner, there is no reason to join in on the drama that is taking shape in Cleveland unless you want your fantasy team to become part of it.


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