Rangers Joey Gallo: Full of Fantasy Risk

Celebrations of Joes Gallo's fantasy prowess are premature

Celebrations surrounding Joey Gallo’s fantasy prowess might be a little premature

Joey Gallo lit up the baseball world last week with his promotional appeal and impressive debut after he smacked home runs in each of his first two major league appearances. His MLB fantasy value spiked through the roof, but the excitement might be a bit premature. However, in just 16 at-bats in four games, he has already registered a dizzying 10 strikeouts. TEN!!! That’s a boatload of K’s that is sure to drive potential fantasy managers crazy.

Gallo certainly has a fair amount of MLB fantasy value, but he is the baseball definition of feast or famine. After his breakout power display during his first two games, he’s struck out six times in two games including four in a row last night against the Royals.

Gallo’s regression arrived a littler earlier than adventurous fantasy owners were anticipating. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Gallo is not worth a spot on your fantasy team, but he might be a more attractive option in keeper leagues.

If you grab Gallo, you must understand what you’re signing up for. You’re not adding a player who will bat .400 and hit a home run a game. You’re getting a young, streaky player who is only on the team because of Adrian Beltre’s injury. Gallo is worth a spot on your team, but temper your expectations because he is a work in progress.


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