Larry Fitzgerald’s Status in Doubt for Week 16

Larry Fitzgerald is far from a lock to play during Week 16

Larry Fitzgerald is far from a lock to play during Week 16

The Arizona Cardinals squeaked by the Tennessee Titans this past Sunday with a win in overtime, keeping their playoff hopes hanging on by a thread. Adding to the improbability of the Cardinals playoff chances are the injuries sustained last week in order to get the win. While attempting to fielding an onside kick, all-star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald sustained a concussion, leaving his status for next week in question.

After failing to recover the onside kick and being viciously hit in the head, Fitzgerald admitted he was, “a little out of it”. He was held out of the rest of the game as his team went on to kick a game winning field goal. Fitzgerald must complete the NFL’s mandatory protocol before being cleared to play Week 16.

Head coach Bruce Arians said Tuesday that despite him not practicing Wednesday, they expect Fitzgerald to play this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. Fitzgerald has started in all 14 games this season, proving to be one of the more durable every-down wide receivers there are. And although his receiving yardage is somewhat low for him this season (823), he’s scored 10 touchdowns.

If the Cardinals want the 2nd wildcard spot in the NFC, they’ll need to win out and have the San Francisco 49ers lose. Both scenarios seem unlikely. First, the Cardinals will need to beat the Seahawks in Seattle, who boast the most troubling defense for any offense in the league. They haven’t allowed a 100-yard game for a receiver since Week 5. Fitzgerald, if cleared to play, will be covered by Richard Sherman, the loud-mouthed corner with serious talent. Arizona will be praying to the football gods for a miracle.


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