Ravens May Eat Crow After Megatron Trash Talk

Megatron ready to ravage the  trash talking Ravens in Detroit

Megatron ready to ravage the trash talking Ravens in Detroit

Playing at the highest level of football often produces some outlandish egos. Whether it was Deion Sanders high-stepping from the 50 or Terrell Owens pulling a Sharpie out of his sock, we’ve seen some ridiculous people in the NFL. However, they could usually back it up. Matt Elam, a 22 year old rookie safety for the Baltimore Ravens, might’ve dug too deep a hole for his ego to crawl out of.

In preparation for their Week 15 matchup against the Detroit Lions, Elam targeted wide receiver Calvin Johnson by calling him “old”. At 28 years old, Johnson is anything but. 2nd in the league in receiving yards and 2nd in touchdowns, Johnson is unstoppable. For anyone to mention a slightly negative word when describing him is blasphemous.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the newest personality in the NFL and Elam knows he’d get recognition for calling out the best receiver in the league. Maybe Elam is ignorant to just how impossible it is to cover a 6’5 235 pound receiver. Whatever Elam’s reasoning, it’s laughable.

Hiding behind the coverage of at least one other person, Elam won’t even encounter Johnson in a one-on-one situation. Johnson playfully quipped back, “It’s all good. I’ll show him what that old man’s strength is about”. Despite the passivity in his response, expect Johnson to blow up the Ravens defense Monday night.


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