Getting a Read on Packers Back Eddie Lacy

Hopefully, the playing status of Eddie Lacy will clear up by the weekend

Hopefully, the playing status of Eddie Lacy will clear up by the weekend

When asked about Eddie Lacy’s status for Week 15 against the Cowboys, Packers head coach, Mike McCarthy said it was “too early to tell” if he would be able to go. The rookie running back suffered a sprained ankle on the last play of the 1st half against the Falcons in Week 14.

Lacy was able to return to the Packers backfield early in the 2nd half and racked up another 33 yards on 9 carries. He finished with 65 yards on the ground and 25 yards receiving to add to a first quarter touchdown. Lacy actually ran slightly better in the 2nd half than the first, adding 1 more yard on 2 fewer carries, but admitted to discomfort. However, the tough rookie out of Alabama is not looking to sit out, telling reporters that:

“As long as I can go out and play, no matter how my body feels, if I can go out and I can continue to play, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Packer Nation will surely be waiting with baited breath to hear the status of their downhill running rookie as they continue to tread water in an extremely close NFC North playoff race.

The Packers are a half game behind the Lions and Bears heading into Week 15 and surely need Lacy if they are going to make up that ground. The Pack have seriously struggled in the absence of Aaron Rodgers, leaving Lacy as an even more important key to victory in these important late season games.

Lacy is averaging 3.9 yards per carry for 74 yards per game during his rookie season and has crossed the goal line 7 times. The Packers face the Cowboys in Week 15, who are ranked 24th in the NFL against the run, giving up just under 94 yards per game.

Assuming Matt Flynn gets another start in Dallas next week, Green Bay will surely need the extra offensive fire power that Lacy brings to the table. Every game in the NFC North is extremely important at this point, making Eddie Lacy’s status a top concern for Green Bay. However, the Cheeseheads will have to wait with their fingers crossed for a little bit longer to hear what will happen with Lacy… And their playoff hopes.


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