Should Fantasy Owners Drop Percy Harvin?

If you're not in a keeper or dynasty league, let Harvin go

If you’re not in a keeper or dynasty league, time to let Harvin go

The Seattle Seahawks have been patiently waiting for the acquisition of wide receiver Percy Harvin to pay off, but haven’t been so lucky yet. Harvin had been sidelined all season while recovering from hip surgery, and was finally at the point where he can get back on the field for only the 2nd time this season. After a setback kept him out of Monday night’s win over the New Orleans Saints, Harvin’s toughness is now in question.

A frequent topic of discussion while he was with the Minnesota Vikings, many think Harvin has missed more time than necessary for injuries. Even if he doesn’t carry the typical “tough-guy” swagger, Harvin is one of the more valuable impact players in the league. After signing him to a 6-year contract with $25.5 million guaranteed, Seattle won’t want to push anything.

Much to Seattle’s delight, Harvin returned a kick 58 yards against Minnesota, but then he aggravated his surgically repaired hip and received a cortisone shot to deal with the pain. While head coach Pete Carroll assured everyone Harvin is, “gonna pop out of this thing real quick” it’s hard to not question his frailty.

Fantasy-wise, it might be time to let go of Harvin in your 10 or 12 man leagues. He likely won’t play much, if at all in the regular season. There is little necessity in Seattle’s 11-1 record season for Harvin’s talents. If you have a deeper league and you can afford to keep him, do it. He might not be the most durable player in the league, but when he’s on the field, he’s going to make a difference.


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