Fate of Aaron Rodgers to be Unveiled on Tuesday

Rodgers' playing status will remain a mystery for another day

Rodgers’ playing status will remain a mystery for another day

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy has a presser scheduled for Tuesday at 3:15pm when the fantasy football world will find out exactly what is up with the injured quarterback Aaron Rodgers. A press conference was scheduled for today, but McCarthy postponed it while waiting for the latest test results from Rodgers broken collarbone.

The Green Bay Packers are currently 5-6-1 and have four games left to play this season. Once a favorite to win their division, the Rodgers-less Packers are now in a position where, even if they win out, they can still miss the playoffs.

Rodgers, similar to every injured athlete, believes that he will be healthy enough to play Week 14 against the Detroit Lions. If the Packers are smart, they will keep Rodgers off the field for the remainder of the season. He is hands down one of the top quarterbacks in the league and with the playoffs out of their own hands, risking a re-injury to his collarbone could potentially hurt his future in the NFL.

When you have such a talented player with such a passion for the game, telling him to stay off the field can be extremely difficult. The Packers need to step up and tell Rodgers to sit the remainder of the season and strengthen his shoulder so he is stronger than before his injury.

Fantasy owners should not drop Rodgers. While he should not play the remainder of the season, Rodgers will be itching to get back onto the field, and if he does – he is a must start. Keep Aaron Rodgers on your roster in the case he gets thrown back into action, even though it would be unwise of the Packers to do so.


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