Atlanta Falcons Headed For a Meltdown

A loss to the Bucs would put the cap on a disastrous season

A loss to the Bucs would put the cap on a disastrous season

If you told any football fan at the beginning of the season that the Week 11 matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers would determine the worst team in the NFC South, they’d call you crazy. Through injuries and downright bad luck, the 2 teams who held so much promise heading into the season have just 3 wins between them. For Atlanta, the hits just keep on coming.

As if a 2-7 team needs any more excuses for their shortcomings, the statuses of to-be-hall-of-famer Tony Gonzalez and standout backup Harry Douglas are now in question for Sunday. Gonzalez, who has only missed 2 games in a legendary 17 season career, missed his 2nd practice in a row Thursday in an effort to nurse a nagging toe injury. Douglas, who’s been filling in for a battered Roddy White, now has a knee injury that held him out of practice as well.

The Falcons season is beyond recovery at this point, as their playoff hopes are all but gone. For Gonzalez, who has retired and unretired with the hopes of this season finally being his Superbowl season, it’s hard to not feel bad. He’s truly one of the greatest to play the game, and his career will likely not have a fairytale ending.

While Douglas’ status is unsure at this point, his situation is also disappointing. 29 years old, he finally got the chance to prove he’s got the makings of a starting wide receiver. Now that a hobbled Roddy White may be returning, his workload will decrease.

These two injuries hold some fantasy implications for sure. Gonzalez struggled to move well in their loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Even if he plays, it’s hard to expect much production against an underrated Buccaneers defense. We’ll have to wait and see Douglas’ status, but if he plays he’ll see much less targets because of the return of Roddy White.


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