Disappointing Steven Jackson Set to Receive More Carries

Most fantasy owners have gave up on S-Jax several weeks ago

Most fantasy owners have gave up on S-Jax several weeks ago

Falcons running back Steven Jackson is expected to receive more carries moving forward. This movement allows Jackson more of an opportunity to make a decent fantasy impact, but fantasy owners should not put too much stock in the veteran tailback.

Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter wants to give Jackson the ball, and allow him to get involved more despite his lack of productivity.

“I think Steven is one of those guys that gets better the more he touches it,” explained Koetter.

Despite increasing Jackson’s workload, fantasy owners should not expect a drastic improvement in production. The 30-year-old back has run for only 151 yards on 47 carries in the 5 games he was healthy enough to play in, posting a weak average of 3.2 yards per carry. His longest rush went for 50 yards, meaning that his other 46 carries resulted in 101 yards gained.

Giving Jackson more carries will not solve the problem of giving him extra room to run, especially with the loss of wide receiver Julio Jones. With lead wide receiver Julio Jones lost due to injury, defenses do not have to worry about a deep threat and can focus on stopping the run first and foremost.

Especially playing against the number 5 rush defense in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week, fantasy owners should steer away from Steven Jackson. Consider Jackson a weak flex play until he can prove otherwise.


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