Peyton Hillis, Andre Brown to Lead Week 10 Rushing Attack

It's only a matter of time before Brown takes over for Hillis

It’s only a matter of time before Brown overshadows Hillis

The Giants are expected to give Peyton Hillis most of the workload at tailback for Week 10. Hillis will look to keep his starting role, but he’s facing some very stiff competition. Hillis will have to battle Andre Brown returning from injury in order to keep the starting job, but Brown is expected to only be eased back into action. Coach Tom Coughlin says of Brown, “He’s ready to help.”

Peyton Hillis has run for only 2.78 yards per carry in his 2 games with the Giants this season, leaving the running back situation to be determined by performance. Brandon Jacobs is also expected to be given some carries making the Giants backfield situation even more of a mess.

Brown is unquestionably the back with the most to offer this Giants team, and will most likely emerge as the starter. What is yet to be determined, is how soon the transition will occur. If Brown is healthy and suffers no setbacks, expect him to take over during New York’s Week 10 contest or to at least get equal touches to those of Peyton Hillis.

Brown and Hillis can both be used as low Rb2 or flex options, but Brown has a higher chance for a breakout performance. Brandon Jacobs is not an advised starting option in most fantasy formats.


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