Can Matt Flynn Right the Ship in Green Bay?

Will the Packers bring Matt Flynn back to Green Bay?

Will the Packers bring Matt Flynn back to Green Bay?

Disaster struck in Green Bay with the injury of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers need answers before the team’s playoff hopes begin to slip away. Seneca Wallace stepped into Monday night’s game after Rodgers went down, and looked like a backup quarterback who was in way over his head.

If it wasn’t for their newly dominant running game powered by Eddie Lacy, the Packers wouldn’t have been able to put up the slightest bit of a fight against the Bears. However, Matt Flynn, an old flame for the Packers, is now available. The only question that remains now, is whether or not Flynn’s elbow is healthy enough to take on the load in Green Bay.

Flynn is as literal a one-hit-wonder as it gets in the NFL. In the last game of the Packers 2011 season, Flynn threw for 480 yards with 6 touchdowns- both franchise records. Since then, Flynn has played for 3 different teams and started only one game. Oh, and he’s made $14.5 million since that one fateful game.

Now, the Packers find themselves in a 3-way tie for 1st place in the NFC North. They have no real timetable for when Rodgers is due back, and Seneca Wallace looked about as trustworthy as a toddler with a box of matches. Can signing Matt Flynn really hurt at this point?

On the one hand, they know he has breakout potential somewhere very, very deep inside him. If he could keep his turnovers low and fuel the dynamic duo of Lacy and Starks in the backfield, they might be able to win a few games. On the other hand, if they fall behind quickly in a game and have to throw, Flynn may be too uncertain to trust.


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