Texans QB Case Keenum Roughs up Colts

Keenum lit up the Colts with 350 passing yards and 3 scores

Keenum lit up the Colts for 350 passing yards and 3 scores

The ineptitude of the Houston defense did nothing to take away from another stellar performance from Texans quarterback Case Keenum. The rookie came out firing and hit Andre Johnson with 3 spectacular touchdown passes.

After making a deep impression on the Chiefs pass defense during Week 8, Keenum was on point again against what was thought to be a solid Colts defense.

One of the reasons Keenum is so effective is his elusiveness. Even when defenders are swarming around him, he never seems to be under duress. For two weeks in a row now, he has been displaying a very high quarterback IQ for a rookie. When the pocket breaks down, he solves the problem with a quick scramble. Once he’s on the run, he squares his shoulders downfield and fires away at this target.

Keenum finished his night completing 20 of 34 passes for 350 yards and three scores. He has a tough matchup against Arizona during Week 10, but should be able to put another solid, if not spectacular, fantasy performance.



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