Give Chiefs Dexter McCluster a Look for Week 9

McCluster has always been a Hit-or-Miss receiver for the Chiefs

McCluster has always been a Hit-or-Miss receiver for the Chiefs

As the NFL’s last remaining undefeated team, the Kansas City Chiefs success can largely be accredited to their crushing defense. As an offensive unit, the usual suspects like Bowe and Charles come to mind when considering their best players. But Dexter McCluster, an unsuspected 4th year wide receiver, is quickly rising to the ranks of an irreplaceable Chief.

McCluster can do it all in the field. He’s been great in the short to intermediary range for quarterback Alex Smith who famously throws conservatively. He also proved that he’s got strong hands for the deep ball, as evidenced by his difficult 28-yard touchdown catch during Week 8 against the Browns.

As a fantasy option, McCluster is tricky. One week, he may do little in the field and get you virtually no points. The next, he could have a punt return for a touchdown with 60 receiving yards. If McCluster had a quarterback who averaged more than 6 yards an attempt, I would give the green light on picking him up for your team. If you need a flex player for week 9 however, McCluster is your man.

With Dwayne Bowe’s status questionable for the Sunday showdown against the Buffalo Bills, McCluster should see more targets. Also considering the battered state of the Bills secondary, Smith should have no problem hitting those targets. McCluster’s nimble moves and jaw-dropping breakaway speeds are truly impressive, just not consistent enough for a fantasy pickup.


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