Will Roddy White Play Week 9 – Who Knows?

Roddy White could return Week 9 or Week 13 - No one knows

Roddy White could return Week 9 or Week 13 – No one really knows

After the loss of two of the most dynamic receivers in the league, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons playoff chances have mostly been wiped away. But there may be hope yet as wide receiver Roddy White made huge strides last week.

Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith revealed that after missing the last two weeks with hamstring and ankle injuries, White has finally started running.

Smith then went on to announce, “Roddy is going to continue to work. It’s up to the doctors when he returns.”

White is still heavily questionable for this upcoming weekend’s matchup against the Carolina Panthers, but the Falcons can use all of the help they can get. As the majority of the league comes to its half way point, the Matt Ryan led Falcons are a disappointing 2-5, 3rd in their division and 12th in the NFC.

A win this weekend against the Panthers defense without Roddy White will be an uphill battle as Carolina ranks 10th in passing yards allowed and 2nd in rushing yards allowed.


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