Montee Ball Edging Towards Fantasy Relevance

Ball is reaping the benefits while Hillman is in the doghouse

Ball is reaping the benefits, while Hillman is in the doghouse

The Denver Broncos rotation of 3 running backs has finally yielded a weakest link, resulting in the deactivation of Ronnie Hillman. Now officially 2nd to Knowshon Moreno, rookie Montee Ball now has the opportunity to play up to the potential of his draft position.

Don’t be mistaken, Moreno is undoubtedly the most valuable Bronco running back, but the Broncos are determined to make sure he isn’t overused. It’s unlikely that Ball will come close to matching Moreno’s numbers, but he is unquestionably the change-of-pace back for the time being.

As head coach John Fox plans to rest Moreno more moving forward, Ball gains the fortunate chance to insert himself into an already insuppressible offense.

Ball had 11 carries for 37 yards and a touchdown during the Broncos Week 8 win over the Washington Redskins. This was only 3 fewer attempts than Moreno to go along with a slightly better average yardage per carry. Most notably, Ball was given the bulk of the red zone rushes.

Ball’s increased role in the offense has surely boosted his fantasy stock. In their effort to preserve Moreno, the Broncos may unleash a considerable talent in Ball.


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