Texans QB Case Keenum Earns Week 9 Start

Keenum didn't beat the Chiefs, but earned a Week 9 start

Keenum didn’t beat the Chiefs, but earned a Week 9 start

The Houston Texans named Case Keenum their starting quarterback for Week 9 over the previously injured veteran Matt Schaub. Schaub is reportedly healthy enough to play, but for now, the Texans are sticking with the hometown rookie at home against the visiting Colts.

Keenum got his chance to shine during Week 7 and delivered with his 15-25, 271 yard, 1 touchdown performance against a rugged Kansas City Chiefs pass defense. Houston lost the game, but Keenum earned a shot at the starting job heading into the team’s Week 8 bye.

Coach Gary Kubiak reiterated that former starter Matt Schaub is healthy, and that Keenum’s taking over is because of his performance. Keenum will have to continue to play at a high level against a tough Indianapolis defense to remain the starter in Houston.

The Colts come in with the 11th ranked defense in yards allowed and are fresh off of a Week 7 upset over the previously unbeaten Denver Broncos. Coming off of the bye week, the Colts should be able to shut down the Texans offense and limit Keenum’s ability to make big plays.

In a better match-up, Keenum could be a decent QB2 due to the tools he has at his disposal. Wide receivers Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins are exceptional targets, as is running back Arian Foster.

Keenum should be pegged as a last resort bye week replacement for Week 9, but expect his numbers to improve against lesser opponents throughout the season.


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