Browns Roll the Dice with Jason Campbell


Journeyman Jason Campbell gets another shot with Cleveland

Journeyman Jason Campbell gets another shot with Cleveland

The Cleveland Browns are starting Jason Campbell at quarterback during Week 8 on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs. Cleveland is electing to go with Campbell after benching Brandon Weeden for his poor performance during Week 7.

Campbell has been given the nod to start, but unfortunately against the only undefeated team in the league. The Browns should not expect a win out of Campbell in this contest, but things could get interesting because of the tools he has at his disposal. With Josh Gordan and Jordan Cameron catching passes, Campbell might even be able to find the end zone.

Cameron has put up 515 yards and 6 touchdowns despite dealing with stable of subpar quarterbacks. Gordon has 450 yards and 2 touchdowns while only playing in 5 games. Both targets have proven themselves to be one of the best at their respective position and Jason Campbell will try to use that to his advantage.

The 31-year-old Jason Campbell has much more experience than Weeden and has been more efficient when in the starting role. Campbell has thrown 76 touchdowns to 52 interceptions over the course of his career, while Weeden has thrown 19 touchdowns to 23 interceptions.

Campbell is a better fit quarterback for Cleveland’s offense than Brandon Weeden, but then again who isn’t?

Campbell has a 50/50 chance of posting decent passing numbers this week if he can get the ball to Cameron and Gordon.

Cameron should be pegged as a viable starting TE option, while Gordon could be a WR2 with big game potential. For now, use Campbell as a bye week replacement in leagues with 2 starting quarterbacks or stay away from him altogether.


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