Jake Locker Back in Action for Week 7

Titans quarterback Jake Locker is back in action this week against the San Francisco 49ers. Locker has been out since Week 4 with a hip injury and baring any setbacks,  he should be able to play. Locker was actually having a good season until he got injured. Now during his first week back, he has to go up against a tough 49ers pass defense.

The 49ers defense is ranked 6th best against quarterbacks and that’s not going to bode well for Locker. They are also very good at stopping the run and with Chris Johnson playing terribly, he will not be able to help. To make matters worse the 49ers defense is ranked 10th against opposing wide receivers and the Titans do not exactly have outstanding wide outs.

This matchup is not a good one for Locker and the Titans offense. The only hope Locker has at having a productive fantasy day is by picking up some garbage points if they are down in the game. The running game has been terrible with Chris Johnson and Locker is coming off of an injury. Fantasy owners should look elsewhere because you can do better than Jake Locker against the 49ers during Week 7.


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