4 Biggest Running Back Busts Through 6 Games

Ray Rice is missing the mark in Baltimore this year

Ray Rice is missing the mark in Baltimore this year

As the NFL has reached Week 7, there are many running backs who are not living up to their high expectations. Whether it’s because of injury or poor play, these tailbacks stick out as being the biggest fantasy busts for the first half of the season.

1. Steven Jackson, ATL:

Steven Jackson had so much hype following him after his move to Atlanta this season, but he’s been injured for almost the entire season and hasn’t really played since Week 1. Unless he has a remarkable turn around, Jackson will not break 1,000 yards after doing so for 8 seasons straight in St. Louis. Jackson is not expected to play Week 7, and has still yet to even take the practice field. He’s a fantasy nightmare that actually came true.

2. Trent Richardson, IND:

Trent Richardson has failed to make much of an impact through the first 6 weeks of the 2013 season. Richardson’s main defense was that the Browns offensive line was unable to protect him. However, even after the trade to the Colts, Richardson has yet to play well, averaging a mere 3.4 yards per carry with his new team. The Colts have not provided much protection for Richardson to break free and don’t expect things to drastically change for the better anytime soon.

3. David Wilson, NYG:

For Giants running back David Wilson, things have just gone from bad to worse. Wilson started off the season unable to live up to the high expectations set for him and is now currently dealing with a neck injury. Things do not seem to be bright for the young Giants tailback and his chance to establish himself is diminishing at the season progresses. Wilson is due back in 3-4 weeks, but his return will go hand in hand with the return of Andre Brown.

4. Ray Rice, BAL:

Ray Rice has yet to put up the astounding numbers that football fans are accustomed to seeing. Through 5 games, Rice has been unable to average a decent amount of yards per carry, leaving his season total at roughly 2.8 yards per carry. Rice has averaged at least 4 yards per carry during each of the last 4 seasons. The Ravens have no passing game, which has allowed opposing defense to stack the box and shut down Rice.


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