Jamaal Charles to Get More Snaps for Week 7

When 25 carries aren't enough, make it 30.

When 25 carries aren’t enough, make it 30.

Who said the NFL was becoming a passing league where elite running backs are obsolete? Obviously not Jamaal Charles and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs want to increase their stud back’s workload and Charles is ready to embrace the challenge. 

Charles is currently averaging just under 25 carries per game and that number is going to increase. Charles is deserving of this promotion if you will, as he is the NFL leader in yardage from line of scrimmage.

The Chiefs are going to continue riding their best player and so far he has been able to hold up. Charles has not had any injury problems thus far in the season, but he has been injury plagued during the past seasons. With an increased amount of work there is a bigger concern for injury, but hopefully he will not run into that problem this year. 

Fantasy owners should have all the confidence in the world with Charles this week as he’s going against a mediocre defense in the Houston Texans. The Chiefs are a powerhouse team and will keep putting the ball into their playmakers hands for as long as they can. With this increased workload, what is there not to love about Jamaal Charles going forward?


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