Fantasy Flop – Running Back Trent Richardson Continues to Disappoint

Looks like the Colts got a bum deal

Looks like the Colts and fantasy owners got a bum deal

What do running backs Bilal Powell, Chris Johnson and Rashard Mendenhall have in common? They are all mediocre running backs who have all scored more fantasy points than the lowly Trent Richardson. Once a top ten prospect at the start of the season, Richardson has been a fantasy flop of epic proportions.

He’s had 92 rushing attempts so far this season and still hasn’t surpassed 300 yards yards. He averages a dismal 3.2 yards per carry and is barely fit for any type of flex consideration.

Most people blame it on the fact that he was traded to Indianapolis midseason and had to learn a whole new offensive system; these people assume that he will return to top 10 production levels as he becomes more integrated with his new team.

But, there’s reason for concern beyond the short term.  In his two games with Cleveland, he rushed for 47 and 58 yards, respectively, and had no touchdowns in either game.  Richardson has managed only one double digit fantasy performance in ESPN standard formats and that came against an inept Jacksonville defense.

The Browns said that they did not see Richardson as part of the team’s future. This made no sense considering that Richardson was the most promising running back in the game. However, the Cleveland front office realized that Richardson was not the future star everyone had pegged him to be.

For now, Richardson barely remains a serviceable RB2. Fantasy owners who haven’t traded him yet are stuck. He’s still too valuable to drop, but it will be very difficult to find another fantasy owner who’s willing to take on the dead weight.


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