Giants David Wilson’s Return Still Up in the Air

For Wilson fantasy owners, the nightmare never ends

For Wilson fantasy owners, the nightmare never ends

New York Giants running back David Wilson is going to be out at least 3-4 weeks with a disc injury in his neck. This is just more bad news for fantasy owners who have Wilson on their team as he is averaging a below-par 3.3 yards per carry.

This injury is going to cause Wilson to miss some valuable playing time against a pair of very mediocre defense including the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles. That brings us to week 9 in the season and luckily the Giants have their bye. This should give Wilson some added recovery time to try and stage a comeback against Oakland during Week 10.

Fellow running back Andre Brown is also eyeing a Week 10 return after suffering a broken leg during the preseason. The Giants will look to give Brown a decent amount of carries when he is back, seeing that Wilson hasn’t done much to satisfy them.

This has not been a good stretch for Wilson, with Andre Brown and Brandon Jacobs still in the mix to eat away at Wilson’s carries. Fantasy owners in need of some roster space might have to consider letting Wilson go.


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