4 Tips to Turn Around Your Losing Fantasy Team

For every person that quits - Your one spot closer to the playoffs

For every person that quits – You are one spot closer to the playoffs

There is one area of fantasy football that very closely matches the way modern-day pro football works.

First place teams very rarely win championships. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the last five years in the NFL. Here are the top teams from each year that rolled into the playoffs with the BEST record in football and went home LOSERS – That’s right L-O-S-E-R-S!

  • 2012 – Broncos   13-3  Knocked out by Ravens
  • 2011 –  Packers   15-1   Knocked out by Giants
  • 2010 – Patriots   14-2  Knocked out by Jets
  • 2009 – Colts       14-2  Knocked out by Saints
  • 2008 – Titans     13-3  Knocked out by Ravens

I have two leagues where I am undefeated, but I know that being the top seed when the playoffs roll around means SQUAT, CRAP and Nothing at ALL!  

No team has ever won a fantasy championship in OCTOBER – NEVER happened and it never will. Your job as a fantasy owner is simple – MAKE THE PLAYOFFS – that’s it. If you make the playoffs, you have a shot to win the whole damn thing.  

If you are 1-5 and or 2-4, you are still completely in it and it is far too early to quit now.  

My team in the FantasyBuzzer League is “High on Hoyer.” I am 2-4, how come my season isn’t over? Maybe it’s because I am only two games back from a playoff spot. Fantasy Football is all about getting hot at the right time and sticking with it when other teams start to quit.

Forget the top teams - How far are you from the last playoff spot?

Forget the top teams – How far are you from that last playoff spot?

The good thing about fantasy football is that some owners always end up quitting. It’s human nature and it’s another reason why you should be making your push to win right now.  

Step 1 – Make Trades  

No one is afraid of your 2-4 team, why not make a trade? Your team is NOT a threat and people will be more likely to trade with you because they think you are out of the running.  

Step 2 – Points Matter 

Score as many points as you can each week – Most leagues use points as a tiebreaker s system. High on Hoyer may only have two wins, but he has more points than any other team except the guy who has Peyton Manning.  

Step 3 – Save Your Waiver Picks  

Don’t blow your waiver wire picks on kickers or defense/special teams. The Waiver Wire is for players that can score – Players returning from suspension, injury or backups that have great potential. Save the pick and strike when someone great comes along. 

Step 4 – Budget Your Free Agent Money 

Going into Week 7 – There are two players in the Fantasy Buzzer League who have less than $10 remaining. If their team doesn’t stay healthy, they have no shot at picking up anyone they might need for the rest of the season. Just like the Waiver Wire, budget your money for a rainy day.


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