Giants Still Shopping Wideout Hakeem Nicks

A change of scenery could oost Nicks' fantasy value

A change of scenery could boost Nicks’ fantasy value

You don’t have to be a football expert to realize that something needs to change for the New York Giants. After 6 winless weeks, the team’s management is considering shaking things up and is fielding offers for wide receiver, Hakeem Nicks.

The Giants drafted Nicks in the first round of the 2009 draft and he’s been a large part of their offense since his rookie year. He hasn’t found the end zone yet this year, but is still managing to bring in passes and move the chains.

There isn’t much word yet as far as potential trades go, but the conversation is ongoing and could lead to some new blood in the Giants roster. Nicks is a good asset and definitely worth a look from contending teams. He has 4,168 career yards and 27 touchdowns. For the time being, Nicks is a Giant and is handling the uncertainty in a very professional matter.

“So as far as outside talk, can’t control that but I’m a Giant. I’m a Giant right now. I’m gonna enjoy it. We just got to start winning some games. I think it’s all fine. I’m sure they got enough respect for me upstairs to talk to me sit me down like a man and talk to me and we will come up with.”

If the Giants are able to find the right trade, things could start looking up for both Nicks and the organization.


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