Redemption Time for Texans Matt Schaub

Matt Schaub has ran into a streak of bad luck and has thrown a few interceptions as of late. He has set an NFL record for throwing a pick six in four straight games. Seeing as the Texans do not have a viable backup quarterback, by default Schaub is still the man for the job.

There may still be hope for Schaub to redeem himself as the Texans face the underachieving St. Louis Rams defense. The Rams defense has been horrendous to say the least. They have given up at least two touchdowns each week to opposing quarterbacks.

Even with Matt Schaub and his interception problem, the Texans still let him air the ball out at will. Schaub has already attempted 212 passes this year, which puts him ahead of fellow quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Drew Brees and even Peyton Manning in the passing attempts category.

This matchup against St. Louis has upside written all over it. The Rams are a defense with many issues and Schaub will exploit many of those problems on Sunday. Schaub should be able to quiet his doubters (at least for one week) and put up some excellent numbers at home during Week 6.


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