Bench These Week 6 Running Backs

Thomas will likely struggle against the Patriots

Thomas will likely struggle against the Patriots

Chris Johnson: The Tennessee Titans running back was able to salvage some fantasy value in Week 5, but don’t let that cover up his miserable overall performance. Somehow,  Johnson scored on a 49 yard touchdown reception, but struggled rushing the ball all game. He rushed for 17 yards on 10 attempts.

This season, Johnson is averaging just over 3 yards per carry, and has only found the end zone one time. He also has failed to break 100 yards on the ground all season. To make matters worse, it isn’t likely that Johnson’s first great rushing game of the season will come in Week 6 against Seattle. The Seahawks are giving up an average of 12.6 Fantasy points per game to opposing running backs. So, despite coming off his first double digit fantasy week of 2013, it doesn’t look like Week 6 is Chris Johnson’s time to shine.

Maurice Jones Drew: The Jaguars are facing the Broncos, who give up a decent amount of fantasy points to running backs, but this matchup actually does not appear fruitful for MJD. Running backs are scoring an average of 19.6 fantasy points per week against the Broncos, but are also only averaging 51 yards rushing. What’s happening is, running backs are scoring off receptions.

However, Jones Drew hasn’t been much of a receiving back this year, bringing in only 6 catches so far. Another factor going against Maurice Jones Drew in Week 6 is the Broncos offense. If Denver jumps out to an early lead, Jacksonville will have to throw the ball to catch up. All things considered, it doesn’t seem like the Jaguars and MJD, are going to break the mold and have a great day on the ground against Denver.

Pierre Thomas: The New Orleans Saints running back had a nice little Week 5 against the Bears, but isn’t likely to see the same star production in Week 6. Last week, Thomas ran for 36 yards off 19 carries and added nine catches for 55 yards and two touchdowns. This was a spike in production for Thomas who had only combined for 16 fantasy points prior to this rout against the Bears.

However, this success was contingent on Chicago shutting down Darren Sproles, who was essentially a non-factor in Week 6. A shut down like this is unlikely to occur two weeks in a row and we will probably see less Pierre Thomas and more Darren Sproles against the Patriots. Thomas made some noise in Week 5, but still hasn’t solidified himself as a main back for New Orleans, and will probably spend less time in the spotlight in Week 6.


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