Robert Griffin III Needs to Get it Going

With one win, the Redskins are only a game out of first place

With only one win, the Redskins are just a game out of first place

Quarterback Robert Griffin III is bound to have an impressive performance during Washington’s Week 6 contest against the Dallas Cowboys. Griffin has yet to find his form from last year, but this week’s game should provide him with the ability to build some momentum.

It’s safe to say that fans are unsatisfied with Griffin’s play thus far, but he has the opportunity to change their minds against the vulnerable Dallas Cowboys pass defense. The Cowboys have allowed the second most passing yards behind the Denver Broncos, with 1,632 yards through 5 games.

Griffin III has obviously not had the same start he did in 2012, but he hasn’t really been playing to badly this season either. Through his first 4 games, Griffin has thrown for 1202 yards, 6 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, averaging a little over 300 yards per game. Coming off of a surgically repaired ACL, he has certainly exceeded expectations by not even missing the first regular season game of 2013.

Griffin should be able to pick apart the lackluster Cowboys defense, utilizing his prime target in Pierre Garcon as much as possible. If RGIII is unable to exploit the Dallas defense, then it would be pretty safe to say that he has not fully recovered from his surgery yet. Fantasy owners are short on patience and this will be the final test to see if he can regain some of his form from last season.


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