Giants David Wilson Seeking 2nd Opinion on Spinal Stenosis

David Wilson in danger of missing the entire season

David Wilson in danger of missing the entire season

The New York Giants had their best rushing performance of the season in their Thursday night loss to the Chicago Bears, only David Wilson had nothing to do with it. While veteran Brandon Jacobs racked up 106 yards, Wilson was left helplessly watching from the sideline as his team fell to 0-6.

After feeling tingling in his arms at the end of the 1st quarter during the Week 5 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Wilson was immediately benched to prevent further damage and figure out the issue. What was originally diagnosed as a burner, however, may now have much more serious implications.

Spinal stenosis, a condition that has ended the careers of men like former Redskins tackle Chris Samuels and Cooper Manning (brother of Peyton and Eli), is the feared fate for the 22 year old running-back. Although the initial diagnosis points to spinal stenosis, nothing is official until the foremost authority on neck injuries, Dr. Robert Watkins, has a look at it.

Wilson is set to meet with Watkins on Monday in Los Angeles. If he says Wilson can play again in a month, Wilson will only have missed 3 games due to the Giants irregular mid-season schedule. Regardless, this injury does not excuse Wilson’s lackluster play through the first 5 games. With a mere 146 rushing yards and one touchdown, who knows how many more chances he’ll get to evolve into the running-back the nation expects him to be.

Could Wilson’s career be over before it truly began? It would be the proverbial nail in the coffin of this nightmarish season for the Giants. He claims he feels completely fine, but when it comes to a neck, you won’t see even the craziest of coaches take a chance on their players safety. For the sake of New York’s sanity, let’s hope Wilson can recover quickly and be backflipping again soon.


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