Week 6 is the Last Chance for Eli and the Giants

The season is lost for the Giants if Eli can't beat the Bears

The season is lost for the Giants if Eli can’t beat the Bears

“Disastrous.” “Falls apart.” “Last Chance.” These are some of the recurring phrases in headlines referring to Eli Manning this year. Entering only our 6th week of the 2013 NFL season, Eli Manning has already coughed up an astonishing and league leading 12 interceptions.

He has thrown the ball away in every game this season and has multiple interceptions in all but 2 games. His interceptions tally exceeds his touchdowns by 33%. The key question entering Week 6, which kicks off with the Giants facing the Bears Thursday night is whether Eli can bounce back to his Super Bowl winning ways or if his tumultuous turnover rate will continue to plague the Giants.

The Giants are 0-5. If things don’t turn around in short order, their playoff aspirations will be over before they can even get a win. Eli showed some signs of life last week, throwing for more than 300 yards against the Eagles, but also added 3 turnovers in what turned into a crushing loss.

He opened up the game with a 49 yard touchdown pass to Hakeem Nicks, but was unable to get his team on the board again in the first half.  To make matters worse for the 32 year old veteran, this week’s equally high pressure game is coming after a short week and is against a much greedier Chicago Bears defense.

The Bears have forced 6 interceptions so far this season and rank 15th in the NFL in Fantasy points allowed to opposing quarterbacks at 18.2 per game. Chicago relies on the defense’s ability to create turnovers and you can bet that they will be ready to snatch up any wobbly ducks Eli throws their way.

We’re not sure exactly what’s going on with the younger Manning brother, and why he can’t seem to remember to throw the ball to the guys in the right jersey, but he better have himself together for tonight’s matchup. His season and the Giants season depend on it.



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