Rams Running Backs Useless for Fantasy Owners

Some Rams running back will score, but which one??

Some Rams running back will score, but which one??

Even against the lowly Jaguars, there’s no safe bet when it comes to plugging a Rams running back into your fantasy roster. At this point, there’s nothing left for fantasy owners except for buyer’s remorse. The team’s usual worthless starter, Daryl Richardson, tweeted at a fan yesterday that he would not be the team’s starter this weekend.

He has since deleted the tweet, likely as a formality since he’s probably not supposed be leaking that information via Twitter. It’s not entirely clear how seriously we should take that tweet, as Coach Jeff Fisher still hasn’t confirmed a starter for this weekend, likely opting for a “running back-by-committee” approach.

Some would argue that there’s no reason to start Richardson, even if he were to play. D-Rich is averaging just 2.7 yards per carry this season and still hasn’t scored a touchdown. His only saving grace is that he can catch the ball, racking up 200 yards from scrimmage in a total of 3 games played, an average of 66.6 yards per game.

In theory, it would be nice to start a Rams running back against the Jacksonville defense, which ranks 32nd in rushing yards allowed, giving up an average of 165 yards per game. The defense as a whole is allowing an average of over 32 points to opposing offenses per game, likely paving the way for the Rams get a lot of scoring opportunities. A Rams running back is actually very likely get a touchdown in this game, it’s just very hard to figure out which player that might be.

With Richardson likely not starting, it’s not even clear which running back will be on the Rams roster. Between Zac Stacy, Isaiah Pead, Benny Cunningham and Chase Reynolds, 2 other backs should accompany Richardson on the active roster against the Jags on Sunday.

If one of these running backs actually ends up getting that “starting nod” for Sunday, he may actually have a great game. Yet it’s just far too risky to take a chance on any of them. Even if there’s a starter named, keep the Rams backs on your bench in standard leagues.


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