Quarterback Brian Hoyer Takes Charge in Cleveland

Hoyer spent three years watching and learning from Tom Brady

Hoyer spent three years watching and learning from Tom Brady

After a pair of breakout games, Journeyman Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer is well on his way to becoming fantasy relevant.

Going into the 2013 season, Hoyer was the Browns 3rd string quarterback, buried behind starter Brandon Weeden and his presumed backup Jason Campbell. But coach Rob Chudzinski made the shocking announcement that Hoyer would start Week 3 after Weeden went down with a thumb injury.

Hoyer then proceeded to catch fire the next two weeks punishing the Minnesota Vikings at home and then edging pass the Bengals during Week 4. Following these two fantastic performances, coach Chudzinski announced that in spite of Weeden being ready to go for Week 5, Hoyer would remain the Browns starter.

There’s no reason to think Hoyer will not continue to produce. He spent three years in New England watching and learning from Tom Brady day in and day out. Hoyer says that the most important lesson he learned from Brady is to always be prepared. When he got the call in Cleveland, he was ready to step in and play. More proof that luck favors the prepared.

Hoyer has solid arm strength, great accuracy and is calm in the face of the pressure. During his first start against the Vikings, he was under constant pressure, but still completed 12 of 17 passes against the blitz.

There are also encouraging signs in Hoyer’s limited body of work. In his only regular season start before this season with Arizona in 2012, Hoyer threw for 225 yards and 1 TD. When you consider that Arizona had what may have been the worst offensive line in history last year, those numbers start to look pretty good.

You never know where the next star will come from, and Cleveland may have found one in Brian Hoyer.


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