Jets Mark Sanchez to Undergo Season Ending Surgery

Sanchez suffered the injury during a meaningless game


By most accounts, you can say that the Mark Sanchez era is now officially over in New York.

The NFL Network is reporting that Mark Sanchez has decided to undergo season-ending surgery. Sanchez initially elected to put off surgery and try to rehab a labral tear to his right shoulder, but the injury was not responding to treatment.

Sanchez is planning on having the surgery in another week or two, the only question remaining now is why doesn’t he go ahead and get the surgery done now? It will take a minimum of 4-6 months to recover, so the sooner he has it performed, the better off he will be.

Don’t feel too badly for Sanchez, he will still collect $8.25 million this season and then will almost certainly be cut from the team. After Sanchez comes back from his surgery, he will test the free agent market and try to land a backup job somewhere.


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