Don’t Rush Out to Grab Panthers Running Back Jonathon Stewart

Carolina Panthers running back Jonathon Stewart and his injured ankles are still on track to return to play for Week 7.

At the moment, Stewart is on the PUP list after undergoing surgery on both ankles during the offseason. He’s been out all season because he’s still having issues with this right foot. The question now is, will Stewart be worth a waiver wire pick up as we draw closer to his return?

If Stewart comes back for Week 7, will he will naturally fall back into his role as lead back along with journey man DeAngelo Williams and Mike Tolbert as his backup? At the moment, there are a lot of mouths to feed in the Carolina running game, not to mention a guy by the name of Cam Newton who also runs the ball quite a bit as well.

Stewart will certainly get some carries when he returns, but how many still remains up in the air. DeAngelo Williams owners will have at least another month to see if this develops into a running back by committee situaion.


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