Patriots Wide Receivers Starting to Find Their Form for Brady

Going into the regular season, there was a great deal of discussion on the risks involved with drafting Danny Amendola. Now all the skepticism about his health issues have so far been proven correct. But with Amendola out of the lineup, Brady’s receivers finally seem to be coming around. If you haven’t grabbed Julian Edelman, Kenbrell Thompkins or Aaron Dobson off of waivers, now would be the time to do so.

Since Week 1, Julian Edelman has yet to score a touchdown, but he is Tom Brady’s most experienced receiver and a pass catching machine in PPR leagues. Edelman already has 27 receptions and caught every ball thrown to him this past week against the Buccaneers.

Kenbrell Thompkins should also be on every fantasy owner’s radar after this weekends 2 touchdown catches. The 25-year-old out of Cincinnati may still be immature, and out of sync with Brady, but he is showing improvement after every game. Thompkins’ red zone effectiveness will most likely dull down once Gronk returns, but he’s showing promise that should not be ignored.

Aaron Dobson  is getting a lot of looks from Brady and in just 2 games, he has a combined 10 catches for 108 yards, and a touchdown. Fantasy owners shouldn’t start Dobson yet, but maybe snag him and have him coast on the bench until he matures a bit.

Expect Thompkins, Edelman and Dobson to flourish even more when Gronkowski and Amendola return from their injuries. Defenses will be forced to defend and double team Gronk and Amendola often leaving the other receivers in single coverage situations.


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