Let These Receivers Ride Bench for Week 3

The crop of wide receivers this year is stunningly deep and therefore makes it difficult to decide on who to start and who to pass up on. It’s important to have a solid group of bench receivers in addition to talented starters in order to avoid stifling defenses. The following receivers are facing hard core defenses this week and might be better off left on the bench.

1. Cecil Shorts, JAC:

Cecil Shorts of the Jacksonville Jaguars has a tough game ahead of him. Being matched up against the Seattle Seahawks is going to be very difficult, seeing as how they are the number one pass defense in the NFL. Cornerback Richard Sherman has played lockdown defense on the lead wideout of both teams he’s faced this season, which will make it nearly impossible for Cecil Shorts to get open.

To make matters worse for Shorts, the Jaguars quarterback situation is a mess and the running game has been nonexistent. Shorts will have very few good looks on the day and would be better off warming the bench.

2. Julian Edelman, NE:

Julian Edelman has been thrust into the lead receiver role in New England due to injuries of Danny Amendola and top tight end Rob Gronkowski. However, the Buccaneers secondary has been stellar through the first two weeks of the season.

Tampa Bay has allowed no more than 63 yards to any receiver so far (Marques Colston), in a game where he only had 4 receptions. Edelman has enjoyed some success due to his teammates’ absences, but don’t be surprised if he falls flat against the Tampa pass defense.


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