What’s Eating at Jags Maurice Jones-Drew?

Let’s face it, conversations about the Jacksonville Jaguars are pretty bleak. Glimpses of hope in their recent history included quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who can’t stay healthy and wide receiver Justin Blackmon who can’t stay out of trouble. Running back Maurice Jones-Drew, the true pride of the Jaguars, is now a question mark too.

In the team’s Week 2 loss to the Oakland Raiders, Jones-Drew rolled his ankle on a debatably dirty hit from safety Charles Woodson. An MRI on Monday revealed no damage to his ankle tendon, but he is dealing with disruptive swelling which has kept him out of practice.

MJD’s likelihood for playing in Sunday’s game against the Seahawks is probable, but is it worth it if he’s hurt? Now 28 years old, he likely won’t walk away from the Seahawks defense unscathed. After battling injuries throughout the 2012 season and playing in only 6 games, the Jaguars can’t afford to lose him again.

In 2011, Jones-Drew rushed for a career high 1,606 yards. Is it too ambitious to think he could have a season like this again? Probably. But MJD is as fierce a competitor as he is a running-back. Expect him to do his best at salvaging a decent season for the Jaguars and at least bringing them a notch above the laughing stock of the league.


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